Concord Monitor Design, Maintenance and Publishing

I was hired by the Concord Monitor newspaper to help them transition to a new publishing platform. The Concord Monitor was one of the first papers in the United States to convert to the Saxotech Saxopress semantic publishing platform. It was a huge undertaking and certainly was not completed without many bumps and bruises along the way. Saxotech is a Danish company, and the initial manuals we received were very roughly translated and not exactly complete. Being charged with setting up the eCommerce system, I turned to the “Monitization” section to find the following sentence:

“This section is not ready yet. Do not even try it.”

Well, that sounded like a challenge that I could not pass up. And we trudged through it and the rest of the transition to create one of the first semantically published newspapers. Semantic content may not seem very groundbreaking these days, but in 2004, having such a robust classification system was unheard of.

During my time at the Concord Monitor I was responsible for the daily conversion of the printed news to the website, classification of the stories, editing and posting the images, conversion of the printed ads to the website format (which was a separate process), and posting breaking news to the home page.

I was also in charge of building, maintaining commercial websites for local businesses. At one time we had almost 30 sites and one developer (me). Some of those sites are featured here on this portfolio site.

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